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In Psychology, The Dark Triad Comprises The Personality Traits Of N...

Three antisocial personality traits: narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathyThe Dark Triad, three antisocial personality traits: narcissism, machiavellianism, and psychopathyIn psychology, the dark triad comprises the personality traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy. [27] It has also been found that the observed relation...

Total GRE words: 20

(Obtain, Personable, Estimable, Appropriate, Slight, Aversion, Recidivism, Derivative, Exact, Cynicism, Provident, Provoke, Malevolent, Pragmatic, Subtle, Subjective, Inherent, Sever, Espouse, Condemn, )

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'My Reckoning Is With The Medium': An Interview With Max Porter

One way to describe Max Porter’s new novel, The Death of Francis Bacon (Strange Light), is wet. Wet with paint, wine, raw meat, coughs, and cum. By the author’s own admission, the novel is an experiment to be shared with the reader—something less concrete than the conventional realist novel, more open to the reader sticking their own fingers in...

Total GRE words: 16

(Personable, Slight, Convention, Exact, Color, Provident, Die, Extend, Inquisitive, Discourse, Flamboyant, Brilliance, Sever, Conversion, Taciturn, Cultured, )

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Australian Growth Marketing Agency Ammo Helps Startups Calibrate Th...

When you are the founder of a young startup, it is always very hard to gauge the right amount of effort to dedicate to marketing. Botch it and you risk looking unprofessional. Hire a traditional agency and you might be wasting time and money.Australian growth marketing agency Ammo, in contrast, wants to make sure that its clients aren’t overinve...

Total GRE words: 9

(Personable, Appropriate, Ensure, Color, Provident, Extend, Brevity, Distill, Bolster, )

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'I Just Cry': Dying Of Hunger In Ethiopia's Blockaded Tigray

(UGC via AP)NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — In parts of Ethiopia’s Tigray region, people now eat only green leaves for days. In June, the Tigray fighters retook the region, and Ethiopia’s government declared a ceasefire, citing humanitarian grounds. More than 350,000 metric tons of food aid are positioned in Ethiopia, but very little of it can get into Ti...

Total GRE words: 16

(Obtain, Personable, Estimable, Vitality, List, Prize, Sanction, Color, Provident, Impose, Die, Vital, Expel, Officious, Sever, August, )

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Amid Reports Of Homelessness And Food Insecurity, 25,000 Employees ...

In fact, according to a survey of 5,000 cast members, many are experiencing difficult living conditions because of low pay. Other cast members sleep in their cars, or make two-hour drives each way to sleep at relatives’ homes or experience food insecurity, the New York Times found shortly after the survey was released. It has also extended healt...

Total GRE words: 11

(Estimable, Compensation, Table, Convention, Rent, Provident, Conversion, Facilitate, Extend, Officious, Sever, )

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