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Human Rights Activists, Journalists And Lawyers Across The World Ha...

The presence of a phone number in the data does not reveal whether a device was infected with Pegasus or subject to an attempted hack. Which NSO clients were selecting numbers? The consortium understands NSO clients have the capability through an interface on the Pegasus system to conduct HLR lookup inquiries. The phone numbers that were selecte...

Total GRE words: 9

(Appropriate, Subjective, Sever, Authoritarian, List, Die, Personable, Officious, Secrete, )

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People Tend To Believe That Psychology Is A “Feminine” Discipline

The results showed that people see psychology as a more women-heavy profession and discipline, with participants estimating that 62% of psychology students and 59% of psychologists are women. A second study looked more directly at people’s perceptions of how “feminine” or “masculine” psychology is as a field. As expected, participants tended to ...

Total GRE words: 6

(Guy, Subjective, List, Personable, Slight, Estimable, )

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Mccarthy Says The Gop Will Run Its Own Investigation Into January 6...

This came after Pelosi rejected two of his picks for the House committee to investigate the insurrection. Pelosi said she was willing to accept McCarthy's other three picks for the committee, and had requested the House GOP leader recommend alternatives to Banks and Jordan. "We will run our own investigation," McCarthy said during a news confere...

Total GRE words: 3

(Authoritarian, Partisan, Excoriate, )

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Wordtester — Open Source App For Learning Foreign Words

“ Hi! There are several tools for learning foreign words using flashcards and spaced repetition, but I found that most of them don't include the functionality of learning in a context. The main goal of this project is to create an application that requires you not only to provide the translation of a word but also a defini...

Total GRE words: 2

(Sever, Provident, )

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Russia To Summon Uk Ambassador Over Black Sea Naval Dispute

British officials acknowledged they were taken by surprise by the speed of the Russian reaction to HMS Defender’s 36-minute passage through Crimean waters on Wednesday as the British ambassador to Moscow was summoned to the Kremlin. A Russian foreign ministry spokesperson said the UK ambassador, Deborah Bronnert, would receive a “severe demarche...

Total GRE words: 6

(Exact, Appropriate, Estimable, Sever, Personable, Officious, )

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