TIL In 1980 a dingo ate an Australian couple's baby while camping, causing the mother to sentenced to life in prison for murder. Three years later, the babies clothes were found near a dingo lair.

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Officious Save

Meaning: meddlesome

Cultured Save

Meaning: possessing education, refinement and taste

Resolute Save

Meaning: adamant

Adversity Save

Meaning: a difficult or unpleasant situation.


Exact Save

Meaning: to demand, call for, require or take

Episodic Save

Meaning: loosely connected

Die Save

Meaning: a part of a machine that punches shaped holes or cuts

Sever Save

Meaning: to remove or separate by cutting off

Personable Save

Meaning: pleasing in appearance

Brook Save

Meaning: to tolerate, endure, or countenance

Provoke Save

Meaning: to incite anger, resentment, or exasperation

August Save

Meaning: majestic

Correspond Save

Meaning: to exist in agreement or conformity

Compensation Save

Meaning: payment given for services rendered or for loss

Subjective Save

Meaning: not objective

Nominal Save

Meaning: (of a role or status) existing in name only.

in name/title only, titular, formal, official, ceremonial; theoretical,

[21] On 12 June 2012 at a fourth coronial inquest into the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain, Morris ruled that a dingo was responsible for her death in 1980.
She stated, "Azaria Chamberlain died at Ayers Rock, on 17 August 1980.
"[3] Morris offered her condolences to the parents and brothers of Azaria Chamberlain "on the death of [their] spec...

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