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Teachers Across The Country Are Protesting Laws That Stop Them From...

This weekend, teachers in more than 30 cities protested against new laws that would limit what they can say in the classroom about racism in the United States. Many of the laws ban schools from exploring “critical race theory,” which holds that any study of American history must acknowledge that racism is deeply embedded in government policies a...

Total GRE words: 8

(Sever, Color, Conversion, Marginal, Impose, Cultured, Denigrate, Subjective, )

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Tn Alleged Police Custodial Murder: ‘Clothes Were Soaked In Blood’

The custodial death of two men in Tamil Nadu’s Sathankulam has sparked massive outrage over police brutality.

Total GRE words: 4

(Personable, Table, Advocate, Arrest, )

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No Justice In Sterlite Case So Far, How Long For Jeyaraj-Beniks?

The police firing during the anti-Sterlite protests and the Jeyaraj- Beniks incident are proof of police brutality.

Total GRE words: 3

(Sever, Arrest, Condemn, )

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The Jewels In Milkha Singh’S Crown

Milkha won Golds at 1958 and ‘62 Asian Games while clinching top honours at Commonwealth in 1958.

Total GRE words: 2

(Ignominious, Resolute, )

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Why Bjp Mp's North Bengal Proposal Starts An Important Discussion

BJP MP John Barla has demanded a separate Union Territory for North Bengal, resurfacing a century-old discourse.

Total GRE words: 1

(Personable, )

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