The last individual of a species is called an Endling - when it dies, the species is extinct.

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Poignant Save

Meaning: distressing

Officious Save

Meaning: meddlesome

Sever Save

Meaning: to remove or separate by cutting off

Die Save

Meaning: a part of a machine that punches shaped holes or cuts

August Save

Meaning: majestic

Essay Save

Meaning: to test or try

Exact Save

Meaning: to demand, call for, require or take

Correspond Save

Meaning: to exist in agreement or conformity

List Save

Meaning: to tilt or lean to one side

For the Canadian TV science fiction television series, see Endlings (TV series)An endling is the last known individual of a species or subspecies.
[1][3]The word endling appeared on the walls of the National Museum of Australia in Tangled Destinies, a 2001 exhibition by Matt Kirchman and Scott Guerin, about the relationship between Australian pe...

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