TIL That in the late 1780's, an Irishman met an impressive performing bear while travelling France. When the bears owner prodded him with a stick, the bear shouted something in Irish, which led to the discovery that the performing bear was actually another Irishman who had been sown into the suit.

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Important GRE Words in this article:

Engender Save

Meaning: to cause

Plasticity Save

Meaning: pliability

Anomaly Save

Meaning: deviation from the normal order, form, or rule

Unfettered Save

Meaning: not tied down

Plastic Save

Meaning: moldable

Extend Save

Meaning: to lengthen or stretch out

Encomium Save

Meaning: glowing and enthusiastic praise

Vital Save

Meaning: essential for or relating to life

Articulate Save

Meaning: well spoken

Essay Save

Meaning: to test or try

Personable Save

Meaning: pleasing in appearance

Indifferent Save

Meaning: having no interest or concern

Daunt Save

Meaning: to cow or dismay

Ensure Save

Meaning: to guarantee or make certain

Dogmatic Save

Meaning: stubbornly opinionated

Sever Save

Meaning: to remove or separate by cutting off

Qualify Save

Meaning: to limit

Paradigm Save

Meaning: a model, example, or pattern

Pristine Save

Meaning: pure

Vitality Save

Meaning: vigor

Cultured Save

Meaning: possessing education, refinement and taste

Diffuse Save

Meaning: dispersed or scattered

Subjective Save

Meaning: not objective

Convention Save

Meaning: a generally agreed upon practice or attitude

Insular Save

Meaning: parochial

Guy Save

Meaning: a cord or cable used to steady or guide something

Regale Save

Meaning: to delight or entertain

Inherent Save

Meaning: ingrained within one’s nature

French Studies: three paradigmsIf we consider the evolution of French studies, there has been a fundamental shift at different times and at different speeds in different places from the nation state paradigm to the global paradigm.
This will eventually result in the promotion of Francophonie – a celebration of the presence of the French language...

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