10 Ways Wealthy Entrepreneurs Do Things Differently

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Personable Save

Meaning: pleasing in appearance

Paradigm Save

Meaning: a model, example, or pattern

Pied Save

Meaning: multicolored, usually in blotches or patches

List Save

Meaning: to tilt or lean to one side

Guy Save

Meaning: a cord or cable used to steady or guide something

Exact Save

Meaning: to demand, call for, require or take

Slight Save

Meaning: small

Cultured Save

Meaning: possessing education, refinement and taste

Subjective Save

Meaning: not objective

Frugality Save

Meaning: thriftiness

Validity Save

Meaning: soundness or truthfulness

Scarce Save

Meaning: rare and insufficient

Sever Save

Meaning: to remove or separate by cutting off

Extend Save

Meaning: to lengthen or stretch out

Secrete Save

Meaning: to ensconce, conceal, or stow

Bolster Save

Meaning: support or strengthen. provide (a seat) with padded support.

strengthen, support, reinforce, make stronger, boost,

I’m not trying to be callous here. But, if you pay attention to the most successful entrepreneurs, you’ll notice that they are unique. I mean, have you seen Mark Zuckerberg surfing? It’s something else. There’s a reason for this, though. Entrepreneurs march to the beat of their own drums. And, that makes sense. If they […]
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