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_Voices The Business Class Has Been Fearmongering About Worker Shor...

The current blizzard of stories about a “worker shortage” across the U.S. may seem as though it’s about this peculiar moment, as the pandemic fades. (This problem was sometimes addressed by shipping them far away, often to the West Indies to work on extraordinarily brutal sugar plantations.) This was the first worker shortage. This, together wit...

Total GRE words: 9

(Slight, Die, Estimable, Cultivation, Obtain, Sever, Personable, Restitution, Subjective, )

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Incomplete, Visionary, Non-Utopian

The last time we met, it was at a Thai place on Front Street, just north of where the Chenango and the Susquehanna rivers meet,…

Total GRE words: 31

(Divest, Articulate, Engender, Coercive, Desiccate, Converge, Salient, Die, Dissertation, Singular, Essay, Exact, Color, List, Convention, Inchoate, Steep, Tacit, Intimate, Appropriate, Arrest, Officious, Conversion, Personable, Ostensible, Implicit, Subjective, Glib, Cultured, Marginal, Provident, )

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Woman With A Weapon-Camera

Sarah Maldoror was a voice for history. I borrow this phrase from Euzhan Palcy, a Black woman filmmaker, like Maldoror, who demanded an autonomous place…

Total GRE words: 23

(Imperious, Dispersed, Porous, Bent, Extend, Disinterested, Singular, Exact, Prize, Plasticity, List, Intimate, Episodic, Plastic, Sever, Intransigent, Conversion, Tender, Militate, Subjective, Cultured, Disinterest, Provident, )

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The Contagious Assembly

Late in the first book of ​Paradise Lost​, John Milton invents the word “Pandemonium.” Milton gives the word to English as the name of Satan’s…

Total GRE words: 26

(Ensure, Archaic, Facilitate, Warranted, Coercive, Converge, Die, Homogeneous, Authoritarian, Expel, Nexus, Proliferate, Officious, Sever, Conversion, Personable, Discourse, Pariah, Adroit, Militate, Burnish, Subjective, Cultured, Marginal, Nebulous, Provident, )

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I’M So Into Avoiding You

I loved Grace Lavery’s work — I had proposed this epistolary email exchange — so why was I putting off writing her . . .…

Total GRE words: 25

(Inherent, Discursive, Deference, Slight, Synthetic, Qualify, Desiccate, Essay, Eradicate, Exact, Obdurate, Eccentric, Presumptuous, Conversion, Personable, Correspond, Defer, Discourse, Camouflage, Arcane, Militate, Rarefy, Resolute, Rhetoric, Nice, )

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