TIL that in 1995, a man received a "check" for $95,000 as junk mail. Jokingly, he deposited it into his account. The "check" met all of the legal criteria for a check and was cashed.

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Important GRE Words in this article:

Exact Save

Meaning: to demand, call for, require or take

Guy Save

Meaning: a cord or cable used to steady or guide something

Validity Save

Meaning: soundness or truthfulness

Episodic Save

Meaning: loosely connected

Appropriate Save

Meaning: to take for one’s own use

Personable Save

Meaning: pleasing in appearance

Officious Save

Meaning: meddlesome

Undulate Save

Meaning: to move in wavelike fashion

Table Save

Meaning: to remove (as a parliamentary motion) from consideration

Sever Save

Meaning: to remove or separate by cutting off

Deposition Save

Meaning: accretion

Prize Save

Meaning: to pry

Eight years ago he received a junk mail check for $95,093.35 and deposited it in his bank account.
Patrick stared at the junk check, made out to him for $95,093.35, with an authorized signature.
Since depositing the check, Patrick's money problems have mostly gone away.
It takes about an hour to read the story of the junk mail check.
He told his...

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