‘The Democratic version of John McCain’

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Important GRE Words in this article:

Personable Save

Meaning: pleasing in appearance

Hallow Save

Meaning: to make holy

Enormity Save

Meaning: excessive wickedness

Guy Save

Meaning: a cord or cable used to steady or guide something

Burnish Save

Meaning: to polish

Reconciliation Save

Meaning: the act of reestablishing harmony or friendly interactions

Sever Save

Meaning: to remove or separate by cutting off

Conversion Save

Meaning: the act or process of transforming to another form, state, or product

Bolster Save

Meaning: support or strengthen. provide (a seat) with padded support.

strengthen, support, reinforce, make stronger, boost,

As the critical swing vote in a 50-50 Senate, Joe Manchin has emerged as the most powerful man in Washington.

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