Creator or Creature? A Nightmare Wakes dramatizes the birth of Frankenstein

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Important GRE Words in this article:

Torrid Save

Meaning: scorching

Officious Save

Meaning: meddlesome

Episodic Save

Meaning: loosely connected

Die Save

Meaning: a part of a machine that punches shaped holes or cuts

Color Save

Meaning: to change as if by dyeing, i.e., to distort, gloss, or affect

August Save

Meaning: majestic

Subjective Save

Meaning: not objective

Sever Save

Meaning: to remove or separate by cutting off

Extend Save

Meaning: to lengthen or stretch out

Secrete Save

Meaning: to ensconce, conceal, or stow

Ars chats with director Nora Unkel about the origins, themes of her first feature film.

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