Word Meaning

The trait of avoiding excesses

Part Of Speech:



Teetotalism   Abstinence   Abstention   Sobriety   Self-restraint  


Bibulousness   Crapulence   Intemperance   Excess   Overindulgence  


  • The nineteenth century temperance approach, which had inveighed against the dangers of alcohol itself, was now rejected as moralistic and unscientific and the focus of attention was, once again, on the disease of alcoholism.

  • Though temperance advocates acknowledged that either male or female drinking destroyed domestic happiness, they often reserved their harshest opprobrium for women's drunkenness.

  • Mnemonics

    • 1

      Temper ants!

      Saurabh A V

      temperance = temper ants = ants so angry they're on fire

      alcohol + fire? = bad, stay away from alcohol friends

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