GRE Experience: Vishesh Vikram Singh

In the second part of our interview series, we got the chance to sit down with Vishesh Vikram Singh to discuss his experience about the GRE exam. We asked him a bunch of questions and got some valuable insights that can help you in your GRE journey. He is currently pursuing his MS and at the same time is working with Facebook in the research department. 

Q – Vishesh, could you please tell us what you are up to these days?

A – Yeah sure, I'm a civil engineer by profession with focus on construction project management. I am currently doing my MS in the same and doing research work with Facebook.

Q – What and where was your undergrad course? 

A – I am a Civil Engineering and completed my BE from Thapar University

Q - Hi Vikram, how long ago did you give your GRE?

A – I gave my GRE on 07.12.17

Q – What was your GRE Score? 

A – Verbal: 160 and Quant: 167

Q – That’s impressive and how long did you dedicate towards preparation?

A – About 2 months 

Q - What resources did you use for your verbal preparation?

A – I actually used a variety of different resources such as ETS, Princeton Review, Manhattan and Magoosh

Q – Okay and for your AWA preparation?

A - ETS, Princeton Review and Manhattan

Q – During those two months, how many hours did you spend studying daily for the test?

A – About two hours a day

Q - What did you do 2 days before the test?

A – I revised and practiced AWA

Q - How was your test experience? 

A – I was actually pretty tired during the exam due its length. I would suggest that candidates write a bunch of mock tests to get into the groove and be prepared for the exam day. 

Q - How important was it to memorize important vocabulary words? 

A – I would suggest it’s much better not to memorize words but use mnemonics instead. That’s a better way and will really help in the exam.

Q - How did you manage your breaks in the test?

A – Staying hydrated and calm is very important during the exam. So, I drank some water and tried to relax during my short breaks.   

Q - Were you able to stay calm during the test?

A – Yes, I was, my technique was quite simple; take one question at a time and if you don't understand then fill closest answer, mark it and move on. Come back to it later.

Q - How many mock tests did you give before the test? 

A – Three

Q - What advice would you give to yourself if you had to take the test again?

A - Practice full tests with AWA

Q - How important was the GRE score in your MS applications?

A – Honestly, not super importation. You can manage with lower scores but need to compensate. However, you still do need to clear a minimum cut-off. 

Q - Did you have to wait long at the test centre before the test?

A - Not a long wait but you do have to wait outside in the waiting area

Q - Was is silent enough to concentrate at the test centre?

A – Well that depends. It may get distracting so choose a good centre. I would suggest that you read the reviews beforehand. 

Q - Do you think reading articles from reputed sources would have helped with your verbal scores? 

A - Increasing your reading speed and vocabulary does get affected by reading articles but it cannot help overnight. It is a gradual process but can be very effective. If you keep using the vocabulary that you learn, it helps. 

Thanks for your insights Vishesh. We wish you all the best for your future. 

We hope this interview has been able to provide you with some clarity about the exam. Vishesh was able to crack the exam within two months and get an impressive score. For the first interview with Kalhan, you can click here and get his opinion on how to crack the exam within a few weeks. Please let us know how your preparation and also share your experiences.   

This blog was written by PrepForGRE.