GRE Experience: Shreyash Prasad (score 321)

Welcome to the fourth interview of our ‘GRE Experiences’ series. Through this series, we try to bring you deep insights and unique perspectives from previous exam takers that can help you in your pursuit. If you are preparing for GRE, this is certainly the place to be and you can access the first three interviews here.

We recently sat down with Shreyash Prasad, who scored an impressive 321 with just three weeks of preparation. 

Q – Hi Shreyas, how are you and what are you up to these days? 

A - I am working as a Senior Analyst-Product and Strategy at Ziel Inc. This is a Tech-fashion company based in New York. 

Q – What was your Verbal and Quant score?

A – Verbal: 157, Quant: 164

Q – When did you take the GRE?

A – 11th November 2015

Q – What was your undergrad course?

A – I studied Industrial and Management from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. 

Q – How much time did you have to prepare?

A – I had a very limited window of just three weeks. 

Q – That is a fairly limited window, what resources did you use for your preparation?

A – I had two primary sources – Magoosh and ETS GRE Books

Q – How much time did you dedicate each day?

A –I only had around 2 hours to spare every day

Q - What resources did you use for your AWA preparation?

A - ETS GRE Books were a great help for that

Q - What did you do 2 days before the test?

A – I dedicated my time towards vocabulary revision and practice tests 

Q – Were you able to stay calm during the exam?

A – Yes, I was. 

Q - How many mock tests did you give before the test? 

A – Three 

Q - What advice would you give to yourself if you had to take the test again? 

A – People tend to focus their efforts on Verbal but please don't take Quant lightly in doing so.

Q - How important was the GRE score in your MS applications?

A - It's a negative filter, anything above 320 is okay but 315+ a is must. 

Q - How important was it to memorize important vocabulary words? 

A – ‘333 high frequency’ was very important! More about practising word context and not so much about memorizing. 

Q - Did you have to wait long at the test centre before the test?

A – 1 hour

Q - Was it silent enough to concentrate at the test centre?

A – Yes. 

Q - Do you think reading articles from reputed sources would have helped with your verbal scores?

A – Honestly, that's more of a long term strategy (more than 6 months). However, if you have less than a month as I did, you should focus more on actual tests. 

Thank you for your insights Shreyas, we appreciate it. He was able to crack the GRE with just three weeks and went on to do his MS from Columbia University in the city of New York. Though this can be challenging, with the right kind of preparation you can surely crack the exam as well. To know more about how reading everyday can help you crush GRE Verbal, please click here

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