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Reading practice specially curated for the GRE.

It's highly recommended that you read articles from good and authentic sources to improve your reading comprehension and vocabulary.

The ETS tests your verbal reasoning and comprehension ability, it's not just about vocabulary words. You will need an all round development in increasing verbal reasoning skills. Practice reading articles daily with important GRE words highlighted.

Daily Reading

Read articles from the best sources like The New Yorker, NYTimes, and more.

GRE Vocabulary

We highlight high-frequency GRE words in all our articles.

Time your reading

Practice reading and time how long you take to read passages.

AI Algorithms

We use AI to recommend articles from genres which appear in GRE such as literature, science and more.

Here's how it works

Pick an article from the list, read it, learn the important GRE words in it,

Human rights activists, journalists and lawyers across the world have been targeted by authoritar...

The presence of a phone number in the data does not reveal whether a device was infected with Peg...

People Tend To Believe That Psychology Is A “Feminine” Discipline

The results showed that people see psychology as a more women-heavy profession and discipline, wi...

WordTester — Open source app for learning foreign words

“ Hi! There are several tools for learning foreign words using flashcards ...

Russia to summon UK ambassador over Black Sea naval dispute

British officials acknowledged they were taken by surprise by the speed of the Russian reaction t...

McCarthy says the GOP will run its own investigation into January 6 after Pelosi rejected 2 of hi...

This came after Pelosi rejected two of his picks for the House committee to investigate the insur...

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